Canada is one of the most visited countries in the New World. This large country is often compared to the United States of America. And although from the point of view of the development of the tourist business, these states are practically equivalent in terms of their tourism potential, there is a significant difference between them. There are historical and cultural prerequisites for this, which are extremely interesting to discover during the journey.

Facts known to all, for example, that Canada has two official languages, or that the total area of ​​​​forests and national parks exceeds the size of urban areas, is only one side of the coin. Urban civilization in Canada is represented by such large cities as Ottawa (the capital of the state), Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto and Quebec. The time difference with Moscow is 5 and a half – 10 hours. You can pay in Canada with Canadian and US dollars. A very temperate climate is more conducive to sightseeing tours than to beach ones.

From this point of view, Canada is of greatest interest to lovers of extreme sports, wildlife and students.

Other categories of tourists do not favor the country: this is facilitated not only by a long and overhead flight from Moscow, but also by a poor base of historical and architectural sights, as well as a complicated procedure for obtaining a visa. However, you can not be afraid about the last point by entrusting this difficult task to a travel agency.

Winters in Canada are very severe, which was proved by the pioneers who mastered the country several centuries ago. On the one hand, such an alignment would almost certainly have reduced the tourist season to the limits of a rather moderate summer, but Canada’s recent reincarnation as the leading country in the New World for hosting the Winter Olympics has played a role.

After the announcement of this news, the hotels existing in the vicinity became sorely lacking, the active construction of the sports sector also overwhelmed the tourism sector. After the Olympics in Vancouver, the flow of tourists that rushed to the ski resorts has not been scarce for several years now. Among the main tracks of the country it is worth noting Kimberley, Blackcomb, Silverstar, Fernier and Sunpeaks.

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Most of the regular flights linking Russia with Canada go to Moscow and Toronto. Such flights are carried out by both Russian and international companies. If you want to get instead of a destination without a transfer in the capital of Russia or Toronto, you can use the services of leading European air carriers that operate flights with a transfer in the capitals of France, Germany, England, etc. and following to Vancouver, Ottawa, Ontario.

Canadian tourist centers are usually quite safe, but pickpockets and photo thieves are active in crowded places, so you need to carefully monitor your belongings. In addition, do not change currency at non-designated exchange offices. Not every Canadian store can pay with US dollars, but the situation is exactly the opposite with credit cards: they are accepted even in the smallest grocery and souvenir shops. This is important to know if you want to bring traditional souvenirs to your family and friends: ice wine, maple syrup and Native American dream catcher amulets.

Traditional attractions most visited by visitors are the historic districts of Ottawa, Quebec, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Banff National Parks, Mount Robson, Oywittik, Glacier, Jasper, Wood Buffalo, Waterton Lake and Niagara Falls. Travel news can be exchanged at major festivals such as the Ottawa Snowball, the Caribana Celebration in Toronto, or the Calgary Rodeo. Canadians are generally big fans of holidays and festivals, their number every year is several hundred.