Canada … A beautiful country, wonderful landscapes. Both coniferous massifs and rocky peaks fascinate. If you are a fan of mountain tourism, you should definitely visit Mackenzie.

This is a ridge of several ridges with a length of almost 1000 km.

These mountains belong to the Pacific Coldiriers. The Mackenzie mountain range is one of the three main chains of the eastern mountain system. Their height is small, only up to 1500 km. And walking around these places can be called entertaining. You won’t need any climbing equipment while traveling. However, it is better not to neglect safety precautions when climbing. On the slopes are unusually picturesque coniferous forests. Numerous tributaries of the largest river, named Mackenzie precisely because of its beginning in these mountains, originate here. In winter, the Mackenzie River freezes solid, turning into a transport link between several settlements. Residents of these neighborhoods can travel to other cities only in winter. There are no messages during the summer.

The Mackenzie massif has clearly defined traces of ancient icing.

It will be important to visit there for researchers looking for confirmation of climate change on the planet and studying their consequences.

The massifs of the Cordillera, which includes the Mackenzie Mountains, determine the typically mountainous climate in this area. By limiting the flow of warm Pacific air masses, the mountains allow cold Arctic air to pass through. This causes rather cold winters.

The Mackenzie mountain range is famous for its number of national parks.

In the southern part is the Nahanni National Park of Canada. This area is famous for its waterfalls, one of which, Virginia, is twice the size of Niagara Falls. If you want to improve your health, then thermal springs are at your service. The nature of Nahanni is unique without a doubt. Here you can also find karst caves with underground rivers. They attract many tourists from all over the world. Also, many animals live in the national park. These are grizzly bears, and mountain goats, and wild sheep. Those who like to communicate with the locals will not be bored.

On the segment between the settlement of Sakhtu and Dekhcho, there is the Naatsicho National Park. The highest peak of the park is Mount Wilson, at the foot of which there are ponds – the sources of the South Nahanni River. National parks are a UNESCO heritage.

The climate of Canada can be called universal, suitable for any type of tourism. The coldest month is January and the hottest month is July. The time of year to travel should be chosen based on what you want to see and experience. If you plan to admire the beauty of national parks, including Nahanni, which is located in the Mackenzie mountains, you need to go in the summer, from May to August. And lovers of skiing in Canada are welcome from December to February.

The Mackenzie mountain range is located near the Yukon state.

From there, you can easily get to the mountain range along the Alaska Highway. There are two highways in the Mackenzie Mountains: Nahanni Range and Canol. The first connects the Campbell track and the largest Tungsten deposit in Canada. The second road starts at km 1295 of the Alaska Highway and passes through the Yukon state. Tourists are offered routes developed by operators. They also deliver those who wish to the area.

The proposed tourist routes are not limited to exploring the surroundings. At the service of vacationers in the area of ​​the Mackenzie Mountains, climbing to the highest point is organized, hiking and mountain tourism are flourishing, and water routes have been laid. You can organize fishing for salmon or trout. Hunting in general is a special item. The organization and full support of fans is offered to feel their power over the outside world. There are also options for families. Tour operators offer the services of cinema and photo operators, guides in the vicinity of the mountains. And for lovers of extreme hunting, there is an opportunity to organize safari tours in jeeps. You can also tickle your nerves on motorcycle tours on the slopes of the mountains. The feeling of an exciting, extraordinary sense of freedom will give a trip on a motorcycle at a bird’s eye view. In general, the Mackenzie Mountains region has an extremely developed tourism industry. Vacationers can choose a pastime for every taste and pocket. When traveling to the Mackenzie Rocky Mountains, it is advisable to bring bedding and a tent with you. However, if necessary, this is negotiated by the organizers of the tours.

Summing up what has been said, it is safe to say that a trip to Canada, in particular to the area of ​​the Mackenzie mountains, will leave a lasting impression on the tourist.